Juice and soup Cleanses

14 Day

Juice and Soup Cleanse

R1,450.00 incl. VAT

(66 customer reviews)
16 Recipes, 52 Ingredients

Money-back guarantee

16 Recipes, 52 Ingredients

Delivered blast frozen to your door

16 Recipes, 52 Ingredients

12 Recipes, 61 Ingredients

16 Recipes, 52 Ingredients

1155 Average calories per day

Benefits of a Juice and Soup Cleanse

About the Event

Combining cold-pressed juices with 100% natural, nourishing soups, this cleanse is the winter version of our ever-popular 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse. It is carefully designed to furnish the body with optimum nutrition without putting a burden on the digestive system. This allows the system to detox naturally whilst giving the right nutrients and anti-oxidants to maximise the process of detoxification. It’s short enough that a first time juicer can do it, yet effective enough to put you back on the road to healthy living.

Our blast freezing locks in all nutrients and allows you to order in advance of your planned start date, so you’re ready to juice come what may!


Daily Diet during YOUR CLEANSE

50ml Shot

Hot Lemon Water

50ml Shot

2 Detox Teas

50ml Shot

4 Supplements

50ml Shot

2 Cold Pressed Juices

50ml Shot

2 Soups

50ml Shot

1 Nut Mylk

50ml Shot

Fresh Water

50ml Shot

Mild Exercise

50ml Shot

8 Hours of Sleep

50ml Shot

No Solid Foods

50ml Shot

No Alcohol or Caffeine

50ml Shot

No Nicotene

(or cut down)

The Cleanse in Detail

Cold Pressed Juices, Smoothies and Nut Mylks


Rise 'n Align

Star Dust

Zesty Bestie

Choc Nut Mylk


Butternut Squash and Carrot

Hunky Chunky Vegetable

‘Souper’ Green

Spinach, Watercress, Rocket and Sweet Potato

Sweet Cherry Tomato and Roasted Pepper

Veggie Power

Teas and Supplements

Detox Teas

Detox Teas

Cleanse Supplements

Supplements Sachets

Coaching and Support

3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse Quick Start Guide

Printed Quick
Start Guide

3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse Guide

Digital Cleanse


Daily Motivational

Coaching Support

Access to our Founder for Personalised Support

ingredients in this cleanse

Fruit Ingredients


Red pepper
Yellow pepper


Baby spinach
Brown onion
Button mushroom
Cherry tomato
Green beans
Red onion
Spring onion
Sweet potato


Bay leaf
Green Rooibos
Milk thistle
Orange peel
Siberian ginseng
Stinging nettle

Seeds & Spices

Black pepper
Himalayan salt
Fennel seeds
Nuts & Other

Nuts & Other

Olive oil

What to do when your Cleanse arrives

Our Quality Promise

Our Quality Promise


66 reviews for 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse

  1. Katie Scherf (store manager)

    The 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse is by far the most effective, yet satisfying cleanse that I have done. Consuming a juice, soup, tea or nut mylk at within 3 hour intervals ensures that you are constantly energised. It is the only cleanse that I have done where I don’t feel starved, but rather nourished. The 500ml portions are generous and all the soups and juices are truly delicious! I always order extra soups to replace meals pre and post cleanse to maximise the experience and even enjoy them when I’m not cleansing. Fiona’s care and the service from her team is phenomenal and I appreciate the personal care. The daily motivation letters are also a great way to keep you focused and it’s a gentle reminder each day that you should be grateful for the opportunity to experience the journey. I highly recommend the cleanse to reset and give your body (and mind) the care it deserves.
    Katia Scherf, Green Point

  2. Gilly Hay (store manager)

    I can highly recommend this Cleanse. My husband joined me, and he didn’t go hungry! We both felt better for having done it and will do it again. Thank you!
    Gill Hay, George

  3. Margie McMahon (store manager)

    It did its job in helping me kick start a healthier way of eating and that is what I wanted, but I did not find the juices that amazing and I think next time I would select which ones I want rather than be selected for me. I also found the soups very bland – they needed something to be added and I did add thinks like chilli, garlic, black pepper etc to make them more palatable and maybe that is a personal choice.
    Margie McMahon, Kenilworth

  4. Cailyn Sonderup (store manager)

    Such an empowering three days with the best support, easy to implement regime and can’t wait to do another.
    Cailyn Sonderup, Gardens

  5. Lauren Smart (verified owner)

    Service was quick, efficient and hands on approach. Every detail has been thought through with care. Lovely tasting juices and soups, I would definitely recommend the Juice Revolution to anyone.
    Lauren Smart, Kwazulu-Natal

  6. Linda Eades (verified owner)

    Just want to highly commend you on your product. Enjoyed each juice & soup. I really could taste the love & thought that has gone into each one. The soup is perfectly balanced. I added pepper to 1 & ruined it.
    Day 1 – I had a headache & passed out in the afternoon. Napping is so not in my books. It was very unusual for me. Thought I would lose more weight, but it was not about that.
    Day 3- I was hungry to chew something & had a little date square at 4 pm. That’s my snack time.
    I’ve kept all your bottles. Hauled out my juicer. Made a whole batch & put in the freezer.
    You inspired me. Thank you.
    Linda Eades, Edenvale

  7. Joy Armitage (verified owner)

    I LOVE this program, it takes all the fuss out of having to create health. Makes you feel great and helps to get me back on track and feeling good. The service, recipes, efficiency and details and support given is just perfect!
    Joy Armitage, Bellville

  8. Carol-Anne Grimshaw (verified owner)

    Thank you for your company Fiona! I am diagnosed with Premature Overian Failure which is havoc for hormones. I track my sleep, heartrate and stress levels closely.
    During the detox my indicators were the highest I have seen in a while.
    My body very much enjoys the program!
    Carol-Anne, Gauteng

  9. Lorna MacLeod (verified owner)

    Excellent, easy way to kick start and reset on your health! The juices and soups are delicious! with a step by step guide and motivational emails every morning, to keep you going. Will be doing this on a regular basis. My body and mind are thanking me! x
    Lorna MacLeod, Plettenberg Bay

  10. Areesha Ramsudh (verified owner)

    A great cleanse program to assist with better eating habits going forward.
    Areesha Ramsudh, Edenvale

  11. Jade Sowter (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved my 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse! I cannot believe that just after 3 days it made such a massive improvement on my body and mind. The 1st day was a breeze, the 2nd day was easy too but I was bit more tired than usual and the 3rd day I experienced the “juice high”, I woke up energized and so clear-headed. The juices and soups were all delicious, I actually ordered 22 more individual 340ml juices to keep on hand and my boyfriend went to Die Boord Spar in Stellenbosch and bought some for both of us so we have some while we wait for the 22 to arrive. The detox teas were also incredibly good, I ordered a month supply after this cleanse, I love how it wakes you up and keeps you focused for the day. Today is the 3rd day after my cleanse and I am still feeling the benefits! I’m feeling very light and my bloating is gone. My digestive system feels renewed, if that makes sense. I highly recommend investing in this cleanse and the other products Juice Revolution has to offer!
    Jade, Franschhoek

  12. Joanne Stark (verified owner)

    The quality of the product is amazing. I’ve juiced all my life but these juices, soups and Choc mylk were really on a different level. Thank you for being so passionate and making being healthy an easy thing to attain.
    Joanne Stark, Roodepoort

  13. Helen Macdonald (verified owner)

    I loved this cleanse. It was a valuable mental and physical reset for me and I would highly recommend it. The products are all delicious and the process is simple to follow. Consider it a treat for yourself!
    Helen Macdonald, Rondebosch

  14. Lisie Beeley (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I took on the 3 day juice and soup cleanse. The main benefits were that it got me off caffeine (I haven’t had a cup in over a week) and it reminded me how good it feels to eat light meals and not feel bloated and lethargic afterwards. I’m also a lot more aware of what I’m putting in my body. I’m quite confident that in the longer term I’ll save sugar and takeaways for a treat rather than making them the norm. The support I got from Fiona was a real motivator and I found the juices and soups really tasty!
    Lisie Beeley, Hout Bay

  15. Marlene van der Colf (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the 3 Day Juice and Soup cleanse from Juice Revolution!
    Each juice and soup was delicious. Appreciated the encouragement from the team throughout the process. Thank you.
    Marlene van der Colf, Somerset West

  16. Momina Ismail (verified owner)

    I completed the cleanse so I am very pleased with myself. The juices and soups are delicious and kept me full. I could not even finish some of the juices. Headaches subsided quickly. Continuing with juice,soup and detox tea today to ease back into it! Thank you for the encouragement, it really made a difference!
    Momina Ismail, Cape Town

  17. Gina Schwartzman (verified owner)

    What an amazing program. My body loved this experience. My mind took some time to adjust. It was very interesting to observe how addicted I have become to food, and eating. I loved this program. I was so excited to eat any food again after the cleanse but it soon faded and I found myself missing being on the program. I will definitely be doing this again! Thank you so much Juice Revolution 🙂
    Gina Schwartzman, Umhlanga

  18. Dominique Smith

    Great way to kick start your way into a healthier lifestyle. Easy to follow delicious soups and juices never felt hungry once. Ended the program feeling energised and motivated mentally and physically. Would highly recommend the juice & soup program.
    Dominique Smith, Knysn

  19. Tessa Niven (verified owner)

    I loved my 3 Day Soup and Juice Cleanse. The juices and soups were delicious as were the nut milks. I will definitely do it again. I felt fresh and energised after my 3 days!
    Tessa Niven, Knysna

  20. Lesa Burger (verified owner)

    What a wonderful way to start 2022 with a 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse with The Juice Revolution! The juices were incredible, the guidance support, packaging and instructions were beyond my expectations to support me in my goal of leading a healthier lifestyle this year! A brilliant concept and product with personalized support from Fiona… I would highly recommend everyone try it!
    Lesa Burger, Kempton Park

  21. Lesa Burger (verified owner)

    Your support emails were incredibly nourishing and your juices are amazing – wow! What an experience.
    I thought I ate healthy, but for the past 3 days I felt like a heroine addict going cold turkey. I realise how much of my diet includes too much salt and sugar – and coffee – it has been an eye-opener as to how addicted I am to eating in general!
    Thank you for your incredible product and support Fiona!
    Lesa, Bedfordview

  22. Hillétje Möller (verified owner)

    I did the 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse. Not only did it arrive in a timely manner, the juices and soups were of outstanding quality and super yummy! The information booklet they sent were super helpful as well as the everyday inspirational emails for the duration of the cleanse. I will definitely be doing this more often! Thank you Fiona and the team at Juice Revolution!
    Hillétje Möller, Bloemfontein

  23. Kate Bursey (verified owner)

    “The juices and soups were outstanding – honestly – I don’t think I could make them the same!
    They are fresh – defrost easily & evenly – not lumpy and old. Just brilliant quality. I have ordered more – of the smoothies – just to keep in the freezer for busy days. Love all the products and will do it again!”
    Kate Bursey, Somerset West

  24. Jayselle Nguessan (verified owner)

    Great experience. It’s definitely not easy on the mind but you come out feeling great if you stick it through.
    Jayselle Nguessan, Sandton

  25. Nicole Liebetrau (verified owner)

    Just to say that I have absolutely loved my cleanse over the last three days. I had started detoxing on the Sunday before my Tuesday start so am already feeling the benefits.
    Not sure what I was expecting but it is was so easy to follow and the soups and juices are utterly delicious. I mean I can’t rave enough. Full of flavour and the treat at the end of the day is the Choc Mylk. Thank you for a wonderful product.
    I have ordered another 3 Day Cleanse for next week!
    Nicole Liebetrau, Vredehoek

  26. Mariette Armitage (verified owner)

    I did the 3 day juice and soup cleanse to try and bring my body back to balance after having Covid and just not feeling very healthy for some time after. I feel fantastic after completing the 3 days and although it wasn’t always easy, the benefits for feeling healthy and back in balance is definitely worth it. I’ll now make it part of a monthly routine to give my body the boost it needs to keep getting better.
    Mariette Armitage, Cape Town

  27. Adel Malan (verified owner)

    After 1 days on the cleanse the inflammation in my fingers were better. After three days, I could not believe the difference.
    Adel Malan, Wellington

  28. Adel Malan (verified owner)

    After 1 days on the cleanse the inflammation in my fingers were better. After three days, I could not believe the difference.
    Adel Malan, Wellington

  29. Linda de Waal

    I will be doing a 3 day juice once a month, as I love the simplicity of getting my gut health back on track. Going forward I think a raw juice or smoothie as 1st meal after my 18/6 intermittent fast will stand me in good stead. Loved the whole experience
    Linda de Waal, Tamboerskloof

  30. Chantelle Boucher

    A great way to kickstart your healthy journey! Really tasty soups and juices that lead to healthier looking skin, no gut issues, reprogramming my appetite/metabolism and increase in good-for-you nutrition. Would recommend for both a physical and mental health journey.
    Chantelle Boucher, Wellington

  31. Imaan Theunissen (verified owner)

    After using the 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse I felt energized and full of life. The program itself was easy to follow. It was effortless. The juices and soups tasted amazing and I didn’t feel any type of hunger pangs which I thought I would. I will highly recommend this cleanse.
    Imaan Theunissen, Cape Town

  32. Ilse Van der Westhuizen (store manager)

    Hi Fiona, I was absolutely delighted with the whole programme. The products were all great. The juices and soups were so tasty, the portion sizes were good. I also enjoyed the tea. Thanks for your great service and communication throughout. I have already recommended to a number of people, and will definitely do another cleanse. The benefits have been enormous, both physically and emotionally. It has set me on a new health path, and doing the juice and soup cleanse was the first step. Having completed those first three days successfully and with your help, I learned that I am able to continue on this exciting health journey. Wishing you and the team every success!
    Ilse Van der Westhuizen, Somerset West

  33. Sam Hofmeyr (verified owner)

    Such an easy way to detox! I have a husband and 2 kids, run my own business and exercise regularly. The 3 day Juice and Soup fits in with all my usual commitments, and I can still exercise. No hunger pains, just a feeling of lightness of being. The food is incredibly tasty, and I look forward to my monthly detox now.
    Sam Hofmeyr, Cape Town

  34. Errolene Lutchman (verified owner)

    I did very well on this programme and can definitely do it for longer than 3 days. I had no headaches or tiredness, in fact I had a stressful week with work but could think more clearly and had more energy. The Juices and the soups were delicious . I prefer having the soup for supper for its a warm meal. I will definitely do this again.
    Errolene Lutchman, Bellville

  35. Terri-Ann Hatt

    I have done many juicing programmes and this is the best. The variety of the soups and juices is really extensive – I looked forward to every single one. And the Choc Mylk is fantastic. I felt rejuvenated, slept better, exercised better and felt more energetic than ever before. Knowing that I was getting everything that I needed was also very reassuring. The daily emails and support from Fiona are so informative and motivating. I can highly recommend Juice Revolution and am already looking forward to my next one!”
    Terri-Ann Hatty, Cape Town

  36. Tina Nobre

    Thank you so much for your amazing products, guidance and support.
    The cleanse was absolutely wonderful, I look forward to trying the 5 day one next!
    Tina Nobre, Glen Austin, Gauteng

  37. Savanna Clarke

    I just finished the 3-day juice and soup cleanse and I am blown away with how much easier it was to do than I expected. It’s exciting to have a new and delicious juice or soup to try at each meal time (and between) and I felt completely satisfied and full after each one. It’s clear that the program has been meticulously designed to ensure maximum benefit as well as enjoyment. The ordering process was simple, efficient next-day delivery, useful E-guides and daily motivational emails, beautifully packaged products, and friendly, one-on-one service from the actual owner of the company. My goal was to ease into incorporating more liquids in my diet, which I now feel confident about. A cherry on top was losing 1.5kg. SUPER IMPRESSED!!
    Savanna Clarke, Claremont

  38. Celeste Barrow (verified owner)

    The 3 day juice and soup cleanse ticks all the boxes from balanced nutrition, simple to follow regime and delicious tastes! So worth investing one’s time into a healthy reset for your body!!
    Celeste Barrow, stellenbosch

  39. Boipelo Oageng (verified owner)

    I loved the program and have already placed my second order as I intend to do the cleanse every beginning of the month. I lost 2 kg with the programme and I felt so light and relaxed afterwards. It is definitely part of my daily lifestyle. Thanks Juice Revolution!
    Boipelo Oageng, Kuruman

  40. Anushka Wohlberg (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful program and great service! Your instructions were clear and you kept us going with your motivational emails.
    Anushka Wohlberg, Sandton

  41. Amandla Mbana

    It was a fantastic 3 days, easy to follow and stick to the program because the juices and soups are not only delicious but filling.I’m really pleased and will be ordering more juices. Thank you Fiona and team – your product far exceeded my expectation!
    Amandla Mbana, Cape Town

  42. Lawson Naidoo (verified owner)

    Thank You, Fiona for your one-on-one motivation and coaching to stay on track.
    I drank about 3-5 cups of coffee per day, so it was hard for me to substitute my morning coffee with “hot water with a kick”. A week later, I only drink 1 cup of coffee and continue with my “hot water with a kick”.The evening of Day 3, I was totally energised and recharged and feel great. My sweet tooth and cravings have literally disappeared. To see the difference: stick to the daily routine and exercise at lest 30 minutes per day. I would recommend your program.
    Best Regards,
    Lawson, Olifansfontein, Gauteng

  43. Natalie Roos (verified owner)

    The program was easy to follow and genuinely delicious. Having the warm soups between the juices helped me to stay warm and feel satisfied at every mealtime.
    Natalie Roos, Cape Town

  44. Angel Jones

    Best birthday gift ever from my best friend! Excellent program from start to finish. The juices and soups were delicious. It was easier than I expected. I can’t wait to do it again and will go for the 5 day next time:-) Thank you so much.
    Angel Jones, Gauteng

  45. Caroline Symmonds (verified owner)

    Both the juices & soups were delicious, I felt full & energised all the way through the 3 Day Cleanse. I even did a 70 Minute bikram class without feeling faint.
    Caroline Symmonds,Randburg

  46. Diony Lalieu (verified owner)

    Not once did I go hungry. Not once was I not feeling on top of the world. The flavours are delicious, the service is impeccable and the program is informative. This cleanse really put me straight back onto a path of feeling great and taking care of my body and mind. I cannot recommend it highly enough
    Diony Lalieu, Constantia

  47. Diony Lalieu (verified owner)

    Not once did I go hungry. Not once was I not feeling on top of the world. The flavours are delicious, the service is impeccable and the program is informative. This cleanse really put me straight back onto a path of feeling great and taking care of my body and mind. I cannot recommend it highly enough Diony Lalieu, Constantia

  48. Stacy Hatting (verified owner)

    Exceptional service and product! Loved my juices and my soups and I felt great after my cleanse. This was just what I needed. Fiona’s daily emails and support make all the difference to the experience and help make it very positive.
    Stacy Hatting, Randburg

  49. Elizabeth Green

    Thank you so much for creating a detox program that is not only so easy to follow but so tasty as well. I loved the juices and soups! They were delicious and never left me feeling hungry. I battled through the headaches and kidney pain in my lower back but now I feel so much better and this program has definitely kick-started my journey to be healthy and feed my body the nutrients it deserves.
    Elizabeth Green, Gauteng

  50. Roxy Levy (verified owner)

    I loved that for 3 days I did not have to prepare anything for myself to eat and that it is probably the healthiest 3 days I have ever had in my life. I never felt hungry and actually look forward to doing it again really soon.
    Roxy Levy, Claremont

  51. Jenna Smily (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend the 3 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse. It was easier than I thought it would be because the juices and soups are really delicious and I surprisingly did not feel hungry. I felt really revitalised and look forward to doing the longer one next time.
    Jenna Smily, Claremont

  52. Catherine Booysen (verified owner)

    I have never done a juice and soup cleanse before and I absolutely loved it. The soups and juices were delicious and I can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry once. I will definitely be doing this again . Thank you!
    Catherine Booysen, Knysna

  53. Simone Symeonidis (verified owner)

    Even though day 1 of the cleanse was much tougher for me than I expected, the way I felt at the end of the cleanse was so much more incredible than I had hoped! And even though I spent most of day 3 planning what I would indulge in the next day – on day 4 I felt so great that I had some hot water with lemon and went out for a run – my average heart rate was lower and I had so much more energy! The program was really simple to follow and I really never expected the juices to be so delicious – particularly the Kaleidoscope. The nut milks were also a huge surprise – amazing, wow! Even the tea wasn’t bad (I’m not a tea person at all). Your daily emails were also such a nice touch – thank you! Thank you so much for enabling me to achieve something that without your program I would never have done on my own!
    Simone, Cape Town

  54. Leslie Maree

    I feel amazing after the cleanse! Just when I started to get hungry, it was time to have the next juice or soup that hit the spot. I definitely had more clarity and did not feel sluggish. Even managed to drop a couple of kg’s!
    Leslie Maree (Media Coordinator: Get Set Go Media), Stellenbosch

  55. Caroline Jacobs (verified owner)

    I needed a kick start to healthy eating and was in desperate need of a cleanse. Juice Revolution was may answer! Fiona and her passion for what she does can be seen in every aspect of her business. looking forward to placing my next order!
    Anonymous, Western Cape

  56. Sheree Linde (verified owner)

    I feel so much better after the cleanse. I have lost 3 kg’s but more importantly it has given me the push I needed to give up carbs, sugar, coffee and all the other nasties. Thanks so much Fiona.
    Sheree Linde, Fresnaye

  57. Landisiwe Mzukwa (verified owner)

    Thank you for making juices and soups that are edible and free of preservatives! Your products are amazing. And thank you for your daily emails during the process, they make the process easier and have a personalised touch . Definitely doing juicing every month!
    Landisiwe Mzukwa, Lentegeur

  58. Annie Rispel (verified owner)

    Best experience ever! I thought it was going to be very difficult, but with a busy DAY and juices and soups that taste amazing,it was great doing the 3 day detox. I will definitely do it more often. Plus point is I lost 3.3 kg in only a week. Thanks Fiona.
    Annie Rispel, Stellenbosch

  59. Genevieve van der Walt

    This cleanse was truly great. it was easy to follow and made me feel great. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
    Genevieve van der Walt, Panarama

  60. Andrew Kilmartin

    Loved it nice change from just the juices!
    Andrew Kilmartin
    Fourways, Johannesburg

  61. Debbie Masencamp (verified owner)

    First time I have done anything like this, and I am amazed at the results. I did not really want to lose weight, but I did, and I felt refreshed and clearheaded for the first time in a long time. I never craved anything and was never hungry. I feel renewed.
    Debbie Masencamp, Paarl

  62. Lindi Burger (verified owner)

    Just loved this program – super easy and I feel so good !!! Thanks
    Lindi Burger (National Sales Manager: BOS Brands), Woodtsock

  63. Marissa Mills (verified owner)

    Had an awesome experience such that it elevated my energy levels, I slept better and had improved performances with my training program. Will definitely do it monthly!
    Marissa Mills, Plumstead

  64. Lindy McEvoy (verified owner)

    This is the 1st cleanse I have ever done and I was a bit worried that I wasn’t going to be able to go 3 days on only juice and soup. The program is so well structured and the juices and soups were a lot better tasting than I was expecting which made it easy to stick to and a surprisingly pleasant experience. I was not hungry at any stage and felt my body was getting allot of good healthy food with plenty of nutrients. So all in all a very positive experience.
    Lindy McEvoy, Randburg

  65. Lindy Hibbard

    Day 1 of my cleanse I felt good, Day 2 of I felt great & day I felt amazing!
    After completing the 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse, I felt lighter, more energetic and my skin even looked better.
    What I really like is that over the 3 day period, I became more in touch with my body. That’s why this cleanse is so great – not only does it feed you (and taste great) – but something else happens in your body. I believe, something really positive.
    Lindy Hibbard (Radio Presenter on Smile 90.4FM), Sea Point

  66. Kate Diaz (verified owner)

    This was my first juice cleanse and detox and I so thoroughly enjoyed it that I wish I could do it every week! The juices and soups were super tasty and I loved the variation in flavours which kept things interesting. On day 1 I struggled slightly as of course my body was adjusting, but by 3 I felt amazing and “light” if that makes sense! My tummy also felt very flat and normal for the first time in MONTHS! I would highly recommend this juice and soup detox and will aim to make this a regular feature in my diet.
    Kate Diaz (Creative Director: Wedding Concepts), Claremont

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