** Deliveries and Collections during the 21 Day Lockdown **

COLLECTION PROCEDURE (to limit exposure for yourselves and ourselves)


You will receive an email stating that your order is ready for collection.

Call Fiona on 082 562 4525 half an hour before your arrival time.

Your order will then be placed on the pallet to the left of our entrance gate as you drive in, with your name clearly marked on the box.

Please collect your order from the pallet and leave any empty boxes from your previous order next to the pallet.




Deliveries will be done on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

If you live in outlying areas like Hermanus, Langebaan etc please call Fiona on 082 562 4525 before placing your order and she will advise you if delivery to your area is possible.




The National Courier that does our door-to-door deliveries in Johannesburg is only allowed to deliver from their Cape Town depot to their Boksburg depot. They have not been granted permission to do the strech from the depot to your door. You will therefore need to collect your order at the Boksburg depot or arrange your own courier to collect from there and deliver to your door.




Unfortunately it will not be possible to get our products to you during the 21 day lockdown period.

Do you deliver?

We deliver to your home or workplace, all across South Africa. You will find the delivery time frames below. If your order is urgent and you need it delivered faster than the times shown below, call Fiona on 0825624525, we will do everything we can to help!



Deliveries take place daily between 14:00 and 17:00.

Orders received by 17:00 Monday to Thursday are delivered the following day.

Orders received on a Friday are delivered on Monday.

Orders received on a Saturday and Sunday are delivered on a Tuesday. If you need a Monday delivery please send a Whatasapp message over the weekend to Fiona on 082 562 4525.



Order placed by 09:00 on Monday are delivered by 17:00 on Tuesday.

Order received by 09:00 on Tuesday are delivered by 17:00 on Wednesday.

Order received by 09:00 on Wednesday are delivered by 17:00 on Thursday.

Order received by 09:00 on Thursday are delivered by 17:00 on Friday.

Order placed between 09:00 on Thursday and midnight on Sunday are delivered by 17:00 the following Tuesday.



Orders placed by 09:00 on Monday are delivered by 17:00 on Wednesday.

Orders placed by 09:00 on Tuesday are delivered by 17:00 on Thursday.

Orders placed by 09:00 on Wednesday are delivered by 17:00 on Friday.

Orders placed between 09:00 on Thursday and midnight on Sunday are delivered by 17:00 the following Wednesday.

How are the juices made?

Our juices are lovingly made by hand from fresh, high quality and organic (where possible) ingredients. After ozone washing our produce, we extract the juice using a state of the art, hydraulic cold press juicer, which allows us to retain the highest possible levels of nutrients. The juice is bottled and immediately placed in a blast freezer. You will find no added colourants, flavourants, added sugar or preservatives in our juice.

See the ‘Benefits of our juice‘ tab for more detail on our 13 step process.

Are the juices diluted with water at all?

We do not add any ice or water when we make our juices (with the exception of the Spring Clean on the 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse). Therefore, please feel free to pour your juice over ice or add water if you wish to.

Are the juices dairy free?

Some of our smoothies contain a 100% natural organic yoghurt, but if you are looking for dairy free simply advise us and we will replace this with an almond milk smoothie.

How much juice is in each bottle?

The juices and smoothies in our Cleanses are 500ml. The juices and smoothies in our Retail range are 340ml.

I have an allergy to a specific fruit, vegetable or ingredient, can I still do a juice cleanse?

The juices are made in an environment where nuts are present and are therefore not suitable for those with a nut allergy. If you have a specific food allergy, please advise us and we will let you know whether we can exclude this ingredient from your juices.

When should I not undertake a juicing cleanse?

Please seek advice from your GP before embarking on a cleanse if you are:

  • Underweight
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Have diabetes
  • Are taking any prescription medication
  • If in doubt always check with your GP

How can I expect to feel over the course of my juice cleanse?

The experience is different for everyone. Some sail through the process easily, but you need to be prepared for perhaps some less pleasant side effects. Please don’t worry about these as they rarely last more than 24 hours.Some possible side effects may include:

  • Headaches (usually from caffeine withdrawal)
  • Spots (toxins being eliminated through the skin)
  • Furry tongue (a sign that the body is adjusting to a juice only diet, combated by cleaning teeth more regularly, but not within ½ an hour of drinking your juice)
  • Tiredness

Important: If you do become unwell and the symptoms worsen, please do not assume it is the juice diet, you may be suffering from something unrelated. Consult your GP immediately.

What can I drink during my juice cleanse?

Whilst on your cleanse you will be drinking hot lemon water, our Detox Tea, and plenty of water. You are welcome to add in your own caffeine free herbal teas. Can you have coffee? Absolutely not!

Is it OK to exercise during my cleanse?

Exercise is recommended as it can help with the expulsion of toxins. The release of endorphins and oxytocin during exercise will also act as an appetite suppressant and allay hunger. But please listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

Will my juice arrive frozen?

Regardless of where you live we guarantee that your juice will arrive frozen at your door. Your order will be packed in a special insulated box and the contents will remain frozen until evening on the day of delivery. Please just be use to keep the box sealed.

How soon after delivery do I need to get my products into the freezer?

Your order will be delivered in an insulated sealed box which will keep everything frozen until late evening on the day of receipt, by which time you should unpack everything into your freezer.

How do I defrost my juice?

Defrost overnight at room temperature and then place immediately in your fridge.


If you could not find the answer you where looking for, contact us by clicking on the link below.