Cold-Pressed Juice

Juicing fruit and vegetables has become an important step for those in pursuit of a more healthy, nutritious and balanced lifestyle. Getting your 5-a-day in the form of a delicious and fresh cold-pressed juice, not only tastes good, but allows for better absorption of nutrients and minerals, as opposed to eating the whole fruits and veggies. However, juicing good quality raw produce isn’t always simple – it’s difficult to find quality organic ingredients, buying them in bulk is costly, they leave little free space in your fridge, and the mess and fuss after making one juice is enough to put anyone off.

Enter Juice Revolution, a holistic concept that not only omits all the effort out of juicing for you, but offers various packages and cleansing plans to suit your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Juice Revolution’s range of juices is made from the freshest, pre-washed raw produce, and are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. The juices are cold-pressed in a stainless steel twin gear, twin auger juicer, which grinds at an incredibly slow 82 revolutions per minute, resulting in high-nutrient juice with more enzymes intact due to very little heat friction and oxidation. (This is why it’s referred to as being ‘cold-pressed’.) The juices are then blast-frozen to preserve the goodness, and are delivered straight to your door.