Orgono Silica Alexia Rich Active 60 Caps

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Alexia Rich is a natural collagen-boosting supplement containing Orgono® Silica, a brand of silica that is clinically proven to be the only form of silica with almost 400% higher bioavailability than other silica supplements.

Silicon 5mg, Vitamin C 24mg, Magnesium 147mg
Outer Capsule: Acacia Gum, Silicon Dioxide.
No sweeteners or artificial flavours and colours

Directions for use:
1st Month take one capsule twice per day
Thereafter take one capsule once per day
Take 30 minutes before or after other medicines

Health Benefits:
– Regenerates and strengthens connective tissue
– Strengthens cartilage and increases tendon elasticity
– Assists in joint repair and bone mineralization
– Assists in maintaining a healthy digestive tract
– Strengthens hair, skin and nails
– Aids hydration and brightening of the skin
– Assists with nutrient absorption
– Acts as a natural body detoxifier
– Fortifies blood vessels and impermeability of arterial walls


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