Optimal Wellness Subscription

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Let’s face it, despite the best of intentions, following a consistently healthy diet is a challenge. Life happens!


That’s why we designed our Optimal Wellness Program, to provide continued support and an all-year round solutions to you and your family’s  nutritional needs.


Now you can put your health on autopilot. Our subscription solutions help you stay on track with your wellness goals when life gets busy.


It is easy and convenient  and you will be rewarded for your loyalty with a monthly discount of 5% and access to exclusive limited edition products.


Do this if you are:

– a regular Juice Revolution customer already (for convenience & monthly savings)
– a busy professional seeking healthy daily meal replacements at work
– a busy Mom – because there’s no time (ever)!
– a health-conscious parent seeking optimal nutrition for the whole family
– looking for a long term life-change in eating habits
– seeking long term weight-maintenance
– struggling with sleep patterns, stress and low energy levels
– relapsing into bad eating habits after a healthy period
– seek to improve your skin quality




Step 1


Click on xxx and to fill in your details and address.


Step 2


Build your custom box by choosing from our xx categories and order a minimum value R910. Email us on for a personalised consultations to help you design the best plan for your lifestyle.


Step 3


Choose between credit card, PayPal or EFT payment options and let us know delivery or collection.


Step 4


Your order will atomically repeat monthly, unless you cancel, and be delivered on the closest working day of the first order date. Don’t worry we’ll send you a reminder! And remember you can tweak your product selection any time.


  Product Quantity
1. MEAL Replacement Juice (500ml)

R45.50 incl. VAT

2. MEAL Replacement Smoothie (500ml)

R48.00 incl. VAT

3. MEAL Replacement Soup (500ml)

R45.50 incl. VAT

Temporarily unavailable

4. SNACK Replacement Juice (340ml)

R30.35 incl. VAT

5. SNACK Replacement Smoothie (340ml)

R30.35 incl. VAT

6. COFFEE Replacement Nut Mylk (340ml)

R30.50 incl. VAT

7. SWEET Replacement Ice Lolly

R20.00 incl. VAT

Temporarily unavailable

8. IMMUNE Boost Ginger Shot (50ml)

R10.00 incl. VAT

9. DETOX Tea

R5.00 incl. VAT

Temporarily unavailable

10. DAILY Supplement Sachet

R22.00 incl. VAT

Temporarily unavailable

11. SPORT Preworkout-Beet It (340ml)

R35.50 incl. VAT

12. SPORT Preworkout-Beet It (500ml)

R50.50 incl. VAT

13. SPORT Active-Ignite (340ml)

R35.50 incl. VAT

14. SPORT Active-Ignite (500ml)

R50.50 incl. VAT

15. SPORT Recovery-Muscle Memory (340ml)

R35.50 incl. VAT

16. SPORT Recovery-Muscle Memory (500ml)

R50.50 incl. VAT

17. SPORT Recovery-Level Up (340ml)

R35.50 incl. VAT

18. SPORT Recovery-Level Up (500ml)

R55.50 incl. VAT

19. SPORT Recovery-Reloaded (340ml)

R35.50 incl. VAT

20. SPORT Recovery-Reloaded (500ml)

R55.50 incl. VAT

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