JYLR Detox Tea

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Juice Revolution’s Detox Tea is a powerful proprietary blend of 13 high potency herbs combined in a unique formulation to kick-start your detox and leave your body feeling cleansed.


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Green Rooibos – Powerful antioxidant.
Ginger Root – Cleanses the colon. Fights inflammation & and stimulates circulation.
Fennel Seeds – Boost metabolism and increase digestion.
Lemon Grass – Digestive aid.
Dandelion Leaves – Acts as a diuretic. Cleanses the blood and liver.
Siberian Ginseng – Strengthens the adrenal glands. Useful for lack of energy and stress.
Milk Thistle – Protects liver cells from free radicals and toxins.
Stinging Nettle – Acts as a diuretic.
Cinnamon Bark – Imitates the biological activity of insulin and increases the metabolism of glucose.
All Spice – Detoxifying and digestive aid.
Cloves – Antioxidant. Powerful action against gas and bloating.
Cardamom – Detoxifying and digestive aid.
Orange Peel – Increases metabolism and boosts energy levels

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