Juice Your Life Right-7 Day Plan

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This plan is designed as a follow-on to our 3, 5 or 7 day juice cleanse programs and makes it easy and convenient for you to maintain your momentum, reach your goals and continue on with your improved lifestyle.


This plan is also perfect for those who want to kick-start a healthy lifestyle but aren’t ready to embark on juice cleanse just yet. This week-long healthy eating and juicing experience will leave you inspired, motivated and mentally juiced; and get you into the right frame of mind to to take action on a consistent basis.


This program is the first week of the Juice Your Life Right – 14 Day Plan.


The Plan

* For 7 days you cut out all unhealthy dietary habits and consume cold pressed juices, smoothies, soups, healthy whole foods and teas.
* Includes 11 different juice, smoothie and soup recipes containing 55 raw food ingredients.
* You make one healthy snack and one meal per day following our meal planner.
* E-book with daily planner, recipe book, healthy snacking guide, ten tips for success, guidance and advice.
* Shopping list composer
Click on the program planner in the image gallery for a day-by-day breakdown of this plan.


What’s in the pack:

11 x 500ml Cold pressed juices
3 x 500ml Smoothies
7 x 500ml Handmade soups *
14 x Detox tea sachets
*Soups can be swapped for juices upon request at no extra cost.


See FAQ for delivery times.


Products in this cleanse:



1 x Berry Smooch: carrot, apple, beetroot, blackberry.

1 x Club Tropicana: apple, pineapple, yellow pepper, kiwi, lemon, banana.

1 x Ginger Ninja: apple, carrot, lemon, ginger.

2 x Green & Garish: apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, pineapple, avocado, lemon, ginger

1 x Green Crush: apple, cucumber, pineapple, spinach, celery, avocado, lime.

1 x Jungle Juice: apple, spinach, avocado, carrot, kale, celery, courgette, parsley, alfalfa sprouts.

1 x Mighty Mix: apple, spinach, beetroot, pineapple, carrot, celery, cucumber.

2 x The Cooler: apple, spinach, celery, cucumber, lime, avocado

1 x Vegelicious: apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, broccoli



1 x Cream of Berry: apple, banana, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, cherry, strawberry, almond milk, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, linseed

2 x Blueberry Crumble: yogurt, apple, blueberry, almond *
*vegan alternative available upon request at no extra cost



(made in small batches using high quality, locally sourced veggies and fresh vegetable stock)

1 x Butternut Squash and Carrot: butternut, carrot, red onion, olive oil, black pepper, vegetable stock #1.

1 x Hunky Chunky Vegetable: parsnip, carrot, sweet potato, leek, courgette, olive oil, black pepper, vegetable stock #1.

1 x Pear and Parsnip: parsnip, pear, red onion, olive oil, vegetable stock, black pepper, vegetable stock #1.

1 x ‘Souper’ Green Stuff: leek, celery, courgette, broccoli, spinach, olive oil, black pepper, vegetable stock #2.

1 x Sweet Potato, Coconut and Chilli: sweet potato, red chilli, spring onion, olive oil, coconut milk.

1 x Sweet Cherry Tomato and Roasted Pepper: red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, garlic, cherry tomato, olive oil, black pepper, vegetable stock #1.

1 x Spinach, Watercress, Rocket and Sweet Potato: red onion, sweet potato, watercress, spinach, rocket, olive oil, vegetable stock #2.


Vegetable stock #1: filtered water, baby marrow, bay leaf, brown onion, carrot, celery, cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, parsley, rosemary, sage, rock salt.

Vegetable stock #2: filtered water, bay leaf, brown onion, carrot, celery, button mushrooms, olive oil, parsley, rock salt, thyme, black pepper, prunes.



7 x Juice Revolution Detox Tea Sachets: green Rooibos, lemon grass, ginger root, cinnamon bark, dandelion, Siberian ginseng, milk thistle, stinging nettle, fennel seeds, all spice, cloves, cardamom, orange peel.


This program contains the juice of:

Alfalfa sprouts, apple, beetroot, broccoli, carrot, celery, courgette, cucumber, ginger, kale, kiwi, lemon, lime, parsley, pineapple, spinach and yellow pepper blended with avocado, banana, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, cranberry, strawberry, linseed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, almond, almond milk and yoghurt.



The combined ingredients in the soups are:

Bay leaf, broccoli, brown onion, button mushroom, butternut, black pepper, carrot, celery, cherry tomato, coconut milk, courgette, garlic, Himalayan salt, leek, olive oil, parsley, parsnip, pear, prune, red chilli, red onion, red pepper, rocket, rosemary, spring onion, sage, spinach, sweet potato, thyme, watercress and yellow pepper.

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  1. Debra Malekia

    Review: Juice Your Your Right: 7 Day Plan
    This is by far the best and easiest cleanse program. So easy to prep and follow. First 2 days were tough and I was extremely hungry but by day 5 I couldn’t even finish my soup! I just ordered the 14 day program.
    Debra Malekia

  2. Fiona

    Review: Juice Your Your Right: 7 Day Plan
    I have done this program combined with the 5 Day Super Juice Cleanse, 3 times in the last couple of years and it always produces amazing results – sooo much energy and clarity and focus! The juices are delicious and I really never feel hungry. My favourite sentence that supports me – ”we are so overfed and undernourished”… this program nourishes so beautifully and I highly recommend it!!!
    (Only reason I’m giving it a 4 is the plastic bottle aspect, but I do know you’ve tried it all..)
    Asked for name not to be published
    Cape Town

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