Build Your Own Sport Box (500ml)

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Juice Revolution’s sports range is the first cold-pressed raw fruit and vegetable juice drink scientifically designed for sports people in South Africa. Developed in collaboration with established registered dietitian Cara Humphrey Kruger (BSc Dietetic, Sports Nutrition) the range consist of six drinks that provide pre-, post- and during- workout nutrition for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Please go to the individual products in the online store for detailed product information.


Choose any 9 cold pressed, blast-frozen juices and smoothies from the SPORTS RANGE.

All drinks are 500ml.

Product Quantity

BEET IT-Sport Prep

beetroot, watermelon, lime

R55.00 incl. VAT each

IGNITE-Sport Active

grape, coconut water, lime

R60.00 incl. VAT each


coconut water, grape, water, beetroot, lime


LEVEL UP-Sport Recovery

full fat yoghurt, low fat milk, peanut butter, banana, honey, vanilla

R60.00 incl. VAT each

MUSCLE MEMORY-Sport Recovery

low fat milk, almonds, cacao, raw honey, vanilla extract

R60.00 incl. VAT each

RELOADED-Sport Recovery

grape, coconut water, blueberries, honey, lemon


R68.00 incl. VAT each
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