Angel Juicer 5500

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The most advanced living juice extractor made of all stainless steel on the market today.


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The Angel Juicer’s revolutionary all stainless steel design incorporates a twin gear impeller system that rotates powerfully, whilst ensuring maximum enzyme and nutrient retention.


Expect dark richly coloured juice with a sweet, full-bodied flavour and extremely high nutrient value.


Angel’s Features & Highlights


Ease of Clean-Up & Operation

Unique design with remarkable extraction power makes it easy and simple to use and clean. Newly designed parts make clean-up and assembly easy.


Antibacterial, Professional Qualities of Solid Stainless Steel Twin Gears

High quality, solid stainless steel: SUS-304.

Will not react with acidic foods.

No breakable plastic edges.

No worn down plastic.


All Stainless Steel Construction

State-of-the-art design and very hygienic!


82 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

Low RPM almost eliminates oxidation keeping more enzymes intact and producing high nutrient juice. The Angel Juicer is the lowest RPM twin gear juicer on the market.


3 HP Grinding Force

The high quality FDA approved stainless steel twin gears run at 3 HP grinding force, allowing you to juice fibrous produce quickly and smoothly. The Angel Juicer can crush cellulose fibre extracting nutrients locked inside.


3-Stage Twin Gear Extracting System

Stage one intensively grinds and pressures the fruit and vegetables.

Stage two takes over the pulp from stage one and extracts again with higher pressure than stage one.

Stage three takes over the dry pulp from stage two and extracts again with even higher pressure to produce very dry pulp and more juice.


3-Stage Screen System

3-stage screen filters and maximizes pure juice yield resulting in 20 to 30 % more juice extracted compared to other juicers.


Simplicity – No need to Interchange Screens

Dual three-stage extracting housing handles most fruits and vegetables.


No Pulp Adjustment Necessary

The powerful motor provides maximum squeezing and helps produce maximum juice quantity.


Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection

The impeller press system of twin gears enables continuous juicing.


Auto Disassembly Technology

It makes it easier to disassemble parts after extracting juice.


Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances

The Angel Juicer removes over 90 % of agricultural chemicals and toxic substances from the surface of fruits and vegetables by separating the juice and the pulp.


Super Quiet Operation

The high-wattage motor with unique cooling system means less strain on motor, therefore less heating and increased durability.


Wide Range of Juicing Abilities

Juicing almost anything from carrots and apples to wheatgrass and spinach.



In addition to making juice, the Angel Juicer can help you make Soymilk, Tofu, Nut Butters and Frozen Fruit Sorbet.


Automatic Overheat Sensor

A thermal protection device and anti-jam reverse action offer safe use and peace of mind. The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.


6 Safety Devices

Six safety devices include: Automatic Heat Sensor, Dual Switch System, Internal Gear Protection, Reinforcement of Switch Panel, Double Protection Sensor between Motor and Screen Housing Unit and Electromagnetic Wave Protection.


Reverse Turning Safety Features

Blockages from overload and jamming can easily be cleared with the reverse action switch.


Fan and Cooling System

Specially designed, the motor cooling system with fan prevents the motor from overheating and extends the life of the motor.


Drier Pulp

Ultra-precision 3-stage twin gear system with powerful heavy duty motor yields the maximum extraction of juice, which creates very dry pulp and as a result – more juice. Please compare to other juicers.


Heavy Duty Construction

The Angel Juicer is hand-built and precision engineered using the highest quality stainless steel.


10 Year Warranty

Full guaranteed by 10 year warranty except of wear & tear items.

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