3 Day Super Juice Cleanse

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A great choice if you’re a first time juicer or if time is limited and you want a quick cleanse that will put you back on the road to healthy living. Particularly effective before a special event – this is bound to have your skin glowing!


The Plan

* For 3 days you abstain from solid food and consume cold pressed juices, smoothies, nut milks, supplements and teas.
* Includes 6 different recipes containing 23 raw food ingredients.
* Bottles marked with day and juice number.
* E-book with daily planner, ten tips for success, guidance and advice.
* Targeted daily coaching.

Click on the program planner in the image gallery for a day-by-day breakdown of this plan.


What’s in the pack:

14 x 500ml Cold pressed juices
1 x 500ml Vegan smoothie
3 x 340ml Nut milks
6 x Detox tea sachets
3 x Supplement sachets


See FAQ for delivery times.


Products in this cleanse:



3 x Star Dust: apple, spinach, beetroot, cucumber, avocado, parsley.

6 x Spring Clean: reverse-osmosis filtered water with CrystaLife® Electrolyte Concentrate, apple, pineapple, beetroot, lemon.

3 x The Kaleidescope: apple, carrot, beetroot, yellow pepper, cucumber, lemon, broccoli, avocado, celery.

2 x Zesty Bestie: apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger.



1 x Cream of Berry: apple, banana, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, cherry, strawberry, almond milk,  sesame seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, linseed.


NUT MILKS (340ml)

3 x Choc Nut Mylk: water, almonds, macadamias, dates, cacao, vanilla, Himalayan salt.
*nut free alternative available upon request at no extra cost* 



6 x Juice Revolution Detox Tea Sachets: green Rooibos, lemon grass, ginger root, cinnamon bark, dandelion, Siberian ginseng, milk thistle, stinging nettle, fennel seeds, all spice, cloves, cardamom, orange peel.



3 supplement sachets each containing:

1 x MultiNutrient: vitamins, minerals and full potency herbs. **

2 x PhytoSaccharides: immune booster with aloe vera and reishi mushrooms. **

3 x Potassium: 99mg elemental potassium. **

3 x Omega 3 Fish Oil: purified and sourced from sardines, anchovies and mackerels in Norway. Not irradiated at any stage. Soft gel cap made from bovine gelatine.

**Outer capsule made from vegetable material. Active ingredient blended with a superfood mix of alfalfa, barley grass, chlorella, kelp, spirulina and wheatgrass.


This cleanse contains the juice of:
apple, broccoli, beetroot, carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, parsley, pineapple, spinach and yellow pepper blended with almond milk, avocado, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, cherry, ground linseed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed and strawberry.

Product Quantity

Dimensions 40 × 30 × 25 cm
  1. Tamasen Maasdorp

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I really enjoyed the program because it is a great kick start to a more healthy lifestyle .
    Tamasen Maasdorp
    Cape Town

  2. Cris Collen

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was looking forward to the idea of detoxing my body especially knowing what toxins are trapped in your body.
    The juices were great and tasty. I did not feel hungry at any stage. The 1st day I felt tired but the next 2 days I felt great.
    I will do this on an annual basis and highly recommend this to anyone.
    Thanks for a great Program.
    Cristine Collen
    Cape Town

  3. Ronelle Rossouw

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    It was such an uplifting experience. Already at the end of the first day my body reacted positively on all the good stuff. This short program leads to a readiness to change bad habits. Thanks again, Fiona!
    Ronelle Rossouw
    Somerset West

  4. Tamo von Arnim

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I encourage all to be prepared mentally and keep thinking of the goal of feeling good about your inner self / your thoughts can be directed by simple positive affirmations! chew you juices and smile!
    Tamo von Arnim

  5. Jacqui Berry

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I would highly recommend the 3 day detox for anyone who wishes to start a new healthy way of eating going forward.
    Jacqui Berry
    Cape Town

  6. Chantel Booysen

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    This was life changing for me! Believe it or not! I kinda miss the juice now even though it was a huge adaption for me! I love my food BUT after being on this program I want to only be healthy. I must confess though that we’re two juices the one you take in evenings I could never finish couldn’t get it in! And the green 1 also difficulty! The rest was beautiful! Will have it for rest of my life! Especially blueberry! Lol this is just amazing!
    Chantel Booysen (Therapist One & Only Hotel and Spa)
    Cape Town

  7. Anonymous

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was put on notice by my doctor that I had to change my eating and lifestyle. I thought that in order to get my energy up and give me a kick to get started on the change I needed to make, that I would try a detox first.
    Well, the 3 day Super Juice cleanse has worked like a charm… Day 2 was harder than Day 1 but not impossible. By Day 3 I had turned the corner and was patting myself on the back for making a start on changing my lifestyle. my motivation to continue is up – I will definitely recommend juicing to everyone. Thank you Fiona, couldn’t have done it without your encouragement. Your motto “I can but I don’t want to…” has become a mantra I live by as I change my eating habits and become more healthy.

  8. Michelle Katz

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Excellent service, great tasting juices, and simple to follow routine
    Michelle Katz

  9. Tanja Lewis

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    First class program with exceptional results and encouragement. the juices are fabulous and would recommend Juice Revolution to everyone.
    Thank you Fiona for creating such a brilliant product.
    Tanja Lewis

  10. Bronwyn Johnson

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    This was the most simple to use and easy to do Program. Everything is done for you, you dont have to do a thing except stick to it. I didnt get hungry at all on the program and only had a headache on day 2. I am so impressed, I cant wait to do a 7 day program.
    Bronwyn Johnson
    Fish Hoek

  11. Samantha Page

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Once I got through the first day, the program got better and I started to see the real benefits. I slept better than I have in months, I dropped just over a kilogram and I didn’t feel like I wanted to immediately “pig-out” on unhealthy foods. I ate fairly well before I went on the programme but I feel like I can make a few more changes. I thought the juices would be fruitier but that was my false expectation. The one I didn’t enjoy: Star Dust. The one I loved: The Kaleidescope. But all good so a double thumbs up from me. Thank you, Fiona x
    Samantha Page

  12. Fiona

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was put on notice by my doctor that I had to change my eating and lifestyle. I thought that in order to get my energy up and give me a kick to get started on the change I needed to make, that I would try a detox first.
    Well, the 3 Say Super Juice Cleanse has worked like a charm… Day 2 was harder than Day 1 but not impossible. By Day 3 I had turned the corner and was patting myself on the back for making a start on changing my lifestyle. my motivation to continue is up – I will definitely recommend juicing to everyone. Thank you Fiona, couldn’t have done it without your encouragement. Your motto “I can but I don’ want to…” has become a mantra I live by as I change my eating habits and become more healthy.

  13. Camille Rowe

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Thank you for your support throughout the 3 day super juice cleanse. I honestly would not have made it without your calls and emails.
    The juices were excellent and kept me full! I was totally amazed because I thought I’d be starving but I wasn’t.
    I feel great and am so happy that I did it. Not only did I detox but proved to myself that I could do it which I had serious doubts about on day one.
    Thank you very much! I’ll be back and may brave the 5 day next time.
    Camille Rowe (Travel Guru Southern Destinations)

  14. Christen JVR

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Simple, fuss-free, an awesome way to kick-start healthy habits you wanna implement into your life. Best thing to kick off Sugar-Free September with!
    Christen JVR
    Cape Town

  15. Genevieve Putter

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Doing the 3-day juice cleanse, gave me a new appreciation of how my body works. While the first day was pretty tough, in terms of flagging energy levels, by day two I had boundless energy. On a more personal note, I have Poly-cystic ovaries so my menstrual cycles are much longer than most, and during the time of the detox, which was the 28 day mark, considered the norm for most women to get their period, I got mine! Considering I was expecting it to be late again, I was pleasantly surprised and realised that the claims made by Juice Revolution that vitamins and minerals are better and more effectively absorbed were in fact true and my body was working at its optimum. Thank you Fiona!
    Genevieve Putter

  16. Herman Koegelenberg

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    We were pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the program it was so easy to follow. We never felt hungry during the 3 days but did miss the action of eating/chewing. After the 3 days we both felt amazing with so much more energy! Thank you for the wonderful program, next time we might just brave the 7 days!!
    Megan and Herman Koegelenberg (Production Manager Fruitways)
    Somerset West

  17. Nadia Kamies

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I love the support – it reinforces that I am doing the right thing for my body!
    Nadia Kamies

  18. Lindiwe Peters

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I enjoyed this program to the max, I wanted to quit on day one I’m a serious foodie but then the amazing e-mail came through “of course you can go ahead and eat if you want to, but then will you feel like a failure” that’s the reality check I needed. 3 days later I had exercised intensely every morning and was just on a natural high….
    Thank you Fiona for an amazing program, Bless you.. I thank you and my body thanks you….
    Lindiwe Peters
    Bryanston, Johannesburg

  19. Martin van Rooyen

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    A great way to get rid of all the toxins in your body and start fresh and live healthy!
    Martin van Rooyen
    Somerset West

  20. Sonja Botha

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Easy, effective, hassle-free AND delicious. I felt a little bit hungry on the first day, but it wasn’t a physical hunger, it was a psychological hunger, ie “it is lunch time and I should eat.” I NEVER had any cravings and could easily say “no” to temptations, ie snacks at the office. I have never felt better – gone is the bloated tummy! I had a slight headache in the afternoon of day 2, but nothing serious. I had LOADS of energy throughout the 3 days and I managed to continue training every morning without any sign of “hunger-fatigue”. I can definitely recommend this program due to its simplicity and effectiveness and the fact that the juices are delicious! Oh, and did I mention that I lost 1.4kgs? Now give me one good reason NOT to join the Juice Revolution. Today is the 3rd day after my 3-day detox and I find that “re-feeding” is easy – I have a much smaller appetite and portion control is so much easier.
    Sonja Botha
    Bryanston, Johannesburg

  21. Suzanne King

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I have done a couple of juice detoxes and this was the very best of the best. Absolutely everything about Juice Revolution comes out at the top. The packaging, the support, the guidance and motivation, the program itself and then last but certainly not least, the actual juice! I was blown away by the goodness. I felt so great throughout the detox that I did not once crave anything but these delicious and nutritional juices. Not only did I feel great whilst on it, but my outlook and ideas of nutrition certainly has changed. I already can’t wait to do my next one. Thank you Fiona and team. This was easily the greatest three days
    Suzanne King
    Century City

  22. Debbie Beelders

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Many thanks for all the encouragement and support we received from you during our 3 Day Cleanse. Much appreciated. It was amazing and not once did we feel hungry, in fact most days we found it difficult to finish all the juices. Feeling absolutely amazing and proud of the fact that we did it.
    Debbie Beelders (Founder: Debbie Beelders Property Management)

  23. Sandra Zacharopoulos

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Definitely worth doing a couple of times a year. It has re-awakened my discipline to realise I can wait for a healthy meal and not grab something easy. The bonus for me was losing 1.8kgs in 3 days.
    Sandra Zacharopoulos (Owner Sanzak Fitness)
    Sunninghill, Gauteng

  24. Lily Rennie

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    The 3 day cleanse was a great experience and introduction to juicing. I know my body truly appreciated me loving it in this way.
    Lily Rennie

  25. Jacky Billau

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Being a mum of 2 it was very difficult for me to lose my last few kilos. So 6 colleagues and I took the “3 Day Detox” Juice Revolution challenge.
    I followed the programme to the T. On the 3rd day, I couldn’t believe what I have achieved, My energy levels were up and my headache was gone.
    I lost a kilogram – but I feel 2 kilos lighter. My Skinny jeans fit me like a glove. Loving this feeling. I don’t crave the JUNK anymore. I crave fresh, raw fruits and veg.
    I enjoyed the daily emails and calls from Fiona, she was an absolute star and great support for me. I will recommend Juice Revolution to any mommy wanting an energy boost and wanting to lose those last few kilos, but they need to follow the programme to the T and must do it with a friend!
    Jacky Billau (Senior Advertising Account Manager: Intiem Magazine)

  26. Tenille Wernars

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I absolutely loved my 3 Day Juice Cleanse! It could not have been easier, more convenient or more delicious to do! I found myself feeling full every single day and not craving food at all. I even felt my body craving the juices the days following the end of my detox. I only wish that I had done it for longer so that my body could have enjoyed even more of the goodness, nutrients and deliciousness. I have recommended the program to family and friends already and will definitely be doing it again! Thanks to Juice Revolution for such a wonderful, nutritious and delicious experience.
    Tenille Wernars

  27. Floreen Pavlovic

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    What really helped was that I did not have to think about food at all, which makes it so much easier. It was really also good to have the structured program, one does not have to worry about when to drink what. And to top it all, the juices are absolutely delicious.
    Floreen Pavlovic
    Strand, WC

  28. Fiona Mcguirk

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    The emails were lovely motivation over the time , and helped with sticking to the program.
    Fiona McGuirk (Product Manager: Cipla)
    Bellville, CT

  29. Jackie Ramasodi

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I generally eat healthy and exercise regularly but have been struggling to loose few kg’s to get to goal even after been on several weight loss programmes. I did the 3 Day Detox – it changed everything! I lost 2 kg and I’m now juicing as part of my lifestyle and I’m still loosing. This is a winner
    Jackie Ramasodi

  30. Brett Shaw

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Many thanks for the daily words of encouragement. This 3 Day Detox was manageable and the ideal length.
    Having finished I feel energised and positive that I am healthier.Apart from a savage headache at the end of day 1, it was smooth sailing. At no time did I suffer from a lingering hunger, which I think was prevented by the regular intake throughout the day. Very pleased I have completed it, and lost 2,5kgs (even though I know that was not the aim) and I am now more aware of my bad eating habits.
    It certainly is something I would want to do again.
    Brett Shaw
    Camps Bay

  31. Sharon De Bruyn

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Thank you so much for the support along the way. It was tricky at times and that little voice in your head likes to try and tempt you into eating – haha. I am very glad that I completed the course and I feel very proud of myself for sticking to it 🙂 I did loose weight as promised and I feel great 🙂
    The long awaited cup of coffee I had this morning wasn’t even as amazing as I anticipated.
    Sharon De Bruyn

  32. Rayne Alexander

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was extremely worried about feeling very lethargic and tired as I had seen other reviews where they said the second day was hellish for them, and seeing as I was on the three day it was a fear! Obviously are bodies are all so different as I felt absolutely great on all three days – even without my five daily coffees! I managed to drop 1.8 kg in only three days which was also amazing. I (and my Mom) will definitely be ordering a lengthier pack any day now.
    Rayne Alexander
    Cape Town

  33. Romay Rundgren

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I really enjoyed the juices and they have really inspired me. I have bought a juicer and my daughter who is 5 has been experimenting with me and she is loving it, even if vegetable is included!
    Romay Rundgren (Financial Director: Group Five Coastal)
    Effingham, Durban

  34. Nicole Kandier

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I hated yesterday! But loving how I feel today on day 3. I feel lighter and ready to hit the gym again!
    This juice has been amazing for my body! Thanks so much!
    Nicole Kandier
    Lenasia, Gauteng

  35. Jennifer Jackson

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Thank you Fiona, the detox was great and I feel wonderful, just what I needed! Next time I’ll do the 5 day plan.
    Jennifer Jackson

  36. Sean Coetzee

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    The changes and feelings in my body happened exactly as you predicted, but not as severe. After the 3rd day I actually did not want to eat anymore of the usual fatty foods, now, 3 days after the program I’m doing good and even sleeping better.
    Thanks, i will do it again !!!
    Sean Coetzee
    Cape Town

  37. Wayne Yates

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Wow, what an awesome way to feeling better physically and mentally!
    Wayne Yates
    Somerset West

  38. Christine Maree

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I never felt hungry and I found the daily emails very encouraging. Nevertheless, the detox was very tough and I experienced many headaches. However, since completing the detox I feel fantastic, I have so much energy!
    Christine Maree

  39. Hanri Kruger

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Feeling great and craving healthy food. Thanks so much
    Hanri Kruger

  40. Sheron Coetzee

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    The 3 Day Detox was absolutely amazing, besides the headache on day 2, I felt absolutely wonderful. I felt very good and not bloated like I always feel. I love the Spring Clean and because is was too much, I was still drinking it over the weekend. I would definitely look at incorporating this into my lifestyle. Thank You, Thank You.
    Sheron Coetzee

  41. Ada Evans

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Loved the program. Will definitely recommend. I want to commit to doing a 5 Day Juice Detox every quarter.
    Ada Evans
    Sandown, Gauteng

  42. Katie Bailie

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I experienced all the fire-warned detox symptoms; headaches and fatigue. However, by Day 2 I started to feel the positive effects of my body receiving all the nutrients it needed and it felt great!
    By Day 3 I felt energised and completely detoxed. My body felt clean, fresh and healthy. I would recommend the Super Juice Detox to anyone who is looking to kickstart a healthier way of life and break away from their current routine.
    Thank you Fiona for all your support and guidance through the detox – it really makes all the difference!
    Katie Bailie (Sales/Wine Consultant AEB)

  43. Erin Funnell

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    The juices tasted great and I felt healthier, and happier about my body.
    Erin Funnell
    Cape Town

  44. Marinette Laubscher

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I recently did the 3 day Detox and was very happy with the results, my body feels cleansed and I only had slight headaches and I feel so energised after the detox, a new spring in my step, I will definitely use and support Juice Revolution again in the near future.
    Marinette Laubscher

  45. George Skaris

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I did my first detox ever… took on the 3 day to start with. I’m usually a BIG eater, and drinker
    Not that I really needed to lose weight(188cm, 97 kg’s, fit) but I went down to 93 kg’s, then back up to 95) Felt good to have a clean system again, and felt healthy.
    I definitely felt lighter, slept well, looked better and would highly recommend it to everyone. I’ll do it again in a few months for sure. Fiona is great and all the morning emails, support and info really helped.
    George Skaris (Skaris Touring CC)
    Camps Bay

  46. JP Potgieter

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I have lost 6kg in the 3 days, and understanding why I lost it, and what happened inside my body was the motivation behind it. After completion of the program its like you dont want to put the “bad” stuff in your mouth anymore. I will definitely do more programs with Juice Revolution.
    JP Potgieter (Managing Director:EC investigations)

  47. Michael Stein

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was sorry my program came to an end. I felt amazing, energised, focused and healthy.
    I intend to do it again shortly. Fiona makes it easy and always had patience to deal with any questions
    Michael Stein (Director Ukhuni Business Furniture)

  48. Ken Jarvis

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Great programme, the 3 days worked great (anything more might have been tough for me).
    Ken Jarvis (CEO Jika Africa)
    Hyde Park, Gauteng

  49. Andrew Francis

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    My cleanse was taken to assist with stopping smoking and so glad I combined them – feeling great, minimal cigarette craving. Feel so good after the cleanse and happy to recommend to friends and family.
    Andrew Francis (General Manager TBWA)
    Cape Town

  50. Leverne Gething

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I wanted to break the 70 kg barrier and I did – after the cleanse I weigh 68.8 kg and am motivated to continue to shift the extra weight. At some stages I felt a bit low on the cleanse – and I also did cheat with half a pork chop and lots of my son’s birthday cake – but overall it left me feeling more awake (I got up hours earlier in the morning), a lot lighter and happier. Now I miss my juice. Going to have to do something about that!
    Leverne Gething

  51. Leonard Suransky

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I recommend the professionalism of this program. It is my impression that the mix of the various ‘meals’ is carefully calibrated. Presentation and coaching through the days is superb. Most astonishing to me is that I never felt hungry. I just missed chewing. I put my meals in a bowl and used a spoon to eat it, and tried to chew it. That helped. I think the supplementary pills helped. Want to get some more of those. Overall an outstanding service. I hope I can hold off some of the 4kg I lost.
    Leonard Suransky
    Cape Town

  52. Liz Crisp

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I had been struggling to get myself into healthy eating mode. The 3 day detox was just what I needed to get myself on the right path. I found the 3 days easy -I looked forward to my juices and not once in 3 days did I feel hungry. I felt totally energised and since the detox have been able to stick to a healthy eating program. I will definitely do another 3 day program in the next couple of weeks.
    Liz Crisp

  53. Agnes Mureriwa

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I am very grateful for knowing about this healthy drink. I can now almost control my weight but also eating healthy and have one very good meal per day.
    Agnes Mureriwa

  54. Gayle Simpson

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Doing the 3 day detox was so easy. The juices are tasty too. I loved the fact that I received step by step instructions. And very simple to follow. Also with the daily motivational emails I found it encouraged me and made it easier to complete. I will definitely do it again. Thank you Fiona and team.
    Gayle Simpson
    Kyalami, Gauteng

  55. Aisha Jackson

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    My 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse far exceeded my expectations and changed my life. It allowed me to better understand the importance of nutrition and eating healthy. I would recommend everyone try it once because that’s all you need to see the value and be converted.
    Aisha Jackson (Lead Consultant, Systemic Logic)
    Bryanston, Gauteng

  56. Nathalie Ramos

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Thank you for the amazing juices! I feel rejuvenated and super detoxed. I also feel a lot “lighter”. I really recommend the juice cleanse to anyone who needs a boost in their lives!
    Nathalie Ramos
    Bellair, Durban

  57. Teri Macduff

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Honestly, I thought the program was fantastic! On the one hand the cleanse you get from the juice is liberating and very refreshing, making you so conscious about your daily food choices, but even more than that the engagement throughout the cleanse in the form of the booklet, the daily emails and the clearly marked packaging is superb! Thank you Fiona, we’ll be back.
    Teri Macduff (Director Publicis Machine)

  58. Margie Adcock

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    This is the second time I have done a 3 day juice fast and I enjoyed it even more than the first one. Everything was beautifully done, right from the delivery, to the juices themselves, the supplements, the support and the wonderful funky, bright cheerful booklet which lifted spirits if they were flagging slightly. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is stressed, tired and needing a treat for your body and mind. I happened to lose 2.5 kg which was not the reason for doing the fast, but I came out feeling wonderful, light, smiley and grateful that I was able to take part in this wonderful programme. Many thanks Fiona, next time i think I will tackle the 5 day cleanse!
    Margie Adcock
    Lakeside, Cape Town

  59. Cara Kroep

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I thought it’s going to be really tough to only have juice for 3 days. Thanks to the quality and amazing taste of the juice, I never had the urge to grab something else to eat. I even had the best crossfit workout in weeks during these three days, so no dip in energy. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to reset and rethink their eating habits. Feeling amazing! P.S. Zesty Bestie is my ultimate favourite xx
    Cara Kroep

  60. Bradley Irwin

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    What a great experience! Everything was organised professionally and the juices were delicious! The daily emails gave me the extra motivation and support to complete the cleanse. I would highly recommend and of the programs to anyone wanting to feel healthy.
    Bradley Irwin
    Somerset West

  61. Kayleigh John

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    After doing the 3 Day Juice Cleanse I felt great! It is really not difficult to do the program for 3 days and the juices are delicious! I loved it and will definitely do it again.
    Kayleigh John

  62. Dejane Steyl

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Loved my 3 Day Juice Cleanse, the support was great and I felt fantastic afterwards!
    Dejane Steyl

  63. Marilyn Sikade

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    On day 1 I was busy with activities at our wellness day so I didn’t feel hungry after my first juice. I only realised before 2pm that I was suppose to have another juice at 1pm. I drank a lot of water in between but continued as per instructions. The evening I had a severe headache, must have been caffeine and sugar withdrawal, I thought I was going blind but this didn’t stop me. I had my last juice and my herbal tea at 9pm and slept right through the night.
    Day 2 was much better, I still had a light headache when I woke up and was very happy when I got my daily e-mail that suggested I use a teaspoon of honey :). So I decided to have my morning tea with a teaspoon of honey and gone was my headache.
    Day 3 was like a breeze, the 3 days really went fast and I never once missed my cup of Jacobs first thing in the morning. I got so used to drinking lemon water in the morning that am still doing it. I did not weigh myself before the detox because I didn’t do it for weight loss but rather to cleanse my body. I would definitely recommend it to my friends, family and colleagues.
    The 3 day juice cleanse was a journey of self-discovery and sometimes we quick to say “I can’t or don’t know how” but if we don’t try or take a chance we will never know. Next time I’m doing the 5 day cleanse because I always said I would die without meat for one day but through the Juice cleanse and perseverance I made it 3 days without meat.
    A big thanks to Fiona and the Juice Revolution, till next time.
    Marilyn Sikade (Coordinator: Research Contracts Stellenbosch University)

  64. Martilene van der Walt

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    What a wonderful way to do a detox, especially if you sre a busy mother with limited time and energy. Wonderful, will try and do every month😀😀
    Martilene van der Walt

  65. Alan Parry

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I lost 5.5 kilos and feel great and it has changed my outlook on my diet ‘going forward’. I have now replaced at least one of my meals with a juice.
    Alan Parry
    Edenvale, Gauteng

  66. Anonymous

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Best thing I could have done for my body and other than coffee withdrawal only felt hungry once and had an avo. I’m a runner and I continued running while on the cleanse with no side effect. I’m gonna continue replacing some meals with juices and will do the cleanse at least twice a year.

  67. Scott Corry

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Initially I was sceptical but decided to do this with my wife. I must admit that afterwards I felt great, had lost 3kgs, could still train hard and found myself thinking about eating by more healthy going forward.
    Scott Corry
    Somerset West

  68. Andrea Calitz

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    What a wonderful way to kick start the year! My husband and I follow a healthy lifestyle but from time to time we like to “check in” with our systems and give ourselves a little challenge. This is great way to stay in tune with your body and really learn to listen to its actual needs! We LOVE our coffee so this was probably the hardest part for us 🙂 After three days we both lost 2kgs and felt great. Highly recommended!
    Andrea van Greunen
    Somerset West

  69. Nadia Kamies

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Perfect way to kick start the new year and to get back on track for healthy eating and living!
    Nadia Kamies
    Cape Town

  70. Glywnnis Wells

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Excellent way of getting back on track. The daily motivations are great and help you to keep going. You never hungry which is amazing. But you do start craving and that is why I enjoyed the daily motivation.
    Glywnnis Wells (Business Manager: Packing & Print Media)

  71. Jeanette Nicholson

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Fabulous will do again in 3 months time! Was the perfect detox unmatched before!
    Jeanette Nicholson

  72. Kerry Van Schalkwyk

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Although it was tough at times, I really felt a great sense of accomplishment having completed the cleanse. The juices were delicious & by day 3 I was feeling incredible! I will definitely do this cleanse every few months to kick-start my system.
    Kerry van Schalkwyk (International Sales Executive: AHA)
    Century City

  73. Gail Gomm

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    It was extremely tough, but thrilled to have got through it 100%. Had a headache on Day 2, felt better on Day 3 and felt fabulous afterwards. Definitely felt a change in energy levels when swimming at the Gym this Sunday compared to last Sunday. Lost 2.8 kg’s and am determined to use it as a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle, The daily emails were extremely informative and motivating. Thanks for a great program.
    Gail Gomm

  74. Tessa Haasbroek

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I had a great experience with Juice Revolution – from the easy online ordering and quick delivery to the daily support & program information. The way you feel after a juice cleanse is totally worth the headache and lethargy of day two. I will be back!
    Tessa Haasbroek

  75. Avril George

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I found the program to be well organized from the 2 day prior detox of no sugars, flours etc… This with the detailed booklet and times juice,tea to be taken and the support phenomenal. Wasn’t easy but I managed and keeping the healthy way of living. Thank you Juice Revolution.
    Avril George

  76. Carol Pompe

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I have tried juicing before, but have never been successful. I found the program extremely simple and easy to do, and was never hungry, although very grumpy on day 1! I will definitely try the 5 day next. Highly recommended.
    Carol Pompe (Charity Picnic Co-organiser)
    Somerset West

  77. Frances Goddard

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    My husband and I did the Detox together which made all the difference not having to work with food. We both lost 2kg’s and were never once hungry . Juice Detox will now definitely be part of our eating plan we both felt amazing after the 3 day cleanse.
    Frances Goddard
    Somerset West

  78. Ayesha Badat

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    A well thought out and definitely carefully planned cleanse by Fiona, you can almost taste the research and passion in the cleanse. I felt extremely ‘pure internally’ after my cleanse , I stopped craving sweet things, found myself with more energy and friends complimented me on my glowing skin. The only hard work required was the mental strength to complete it , everything else comes boxed from Juice Revolution.
    Ayesha Badat

  79. Ronel Colombo (verified owner)

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I found the 3 day cleanse absolutely great! A fantastic way to get yourself on the right track again
    Ronel Colombo

  80. Henrico and Ria Delport

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Loved the Juice, never felt hungry, energy levels didn’t drop. Well done Fiona! Great product.
    Henrico & RiaDelport

  81. Kim Marr

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Great program! Loved that I could “eat” every two hours.
    Kim Marr
    Hout Bay

  82. Candice Du Toit

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I lost 1.5kgs and have the energy to exercise again! I hit a bit of a slump in my exercise routine and this cleans was exactly what I needed to get back into healthy eating and exercise.
    Candice Du Toit
    Cape Town

  83. Kirsty Meyer

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    My husband I did the 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse. We both felt great during and after. I found the juices to be very filling, tasty and my body appreciated the nutrition! I was very impressed with the labelling of the bottles so we did’t have to guess which juice to have on which day. I understand the benefits of raw juice but don’t have the time to juice the quantities and variation that Juice Revolution can supply. After the 3 day cleanse I started ordering juices weekly. Every interaction I’ve had with Fiona has been a pleasure.
    Kirsty Meyer
    Cape Town

  84. Pippa Leicher

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Great juice detox, the juices are delicious! I never felt hungry, no headache, felt energetic and fabulous! So good I am going to do it again next week with my husband and best friend as well 😁
    Pippa Leicher

  85. Tiffany Marx

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I really enjoyed this cleanse, three Days was a breeze. I really felt this helped me reset my healthy eating habits after an over indulgent holiday season.
    Tiffany Marx (Bespoke Jewellery Designer)
    Hout Bay

  86. Anonymous

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    This is the best way to start the new year….Thank you for all your effort that went into the products and the program.

  87. Nicola Coster

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    After the 3 Day Juice realise you don’t need as much food as you thought you did…to get by….you have a lot more energy…and crave more healthier food choices. Just the kick start I needed…thanks!
    Nicola Coster (Manager: Cleopatraz Beuaty & Wellness Spa)

  88. Christine Williams

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Thank you so much for your amazing support – I completed the 3 day cleanse last week and I think I have FINALLY found something that will work for me!!
    I literally have tried most things with not much success…..but your programme is totally different! So very well done on an amazing product, great support and a wonderful practical solution for people who would like to be healthy but are busy!! I didn’t feel hungry or deprived at all, in fact I have quite a bit of the juices left that I could not finish….and had lots of energy…..
    Christine Williams (Managing Director: 2Connect (Pty) Ltd)
    Fourways, Johannesburg

  89. Sindler, Liezel

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I loved the 3 day program, I was worried to be hungry but this was not at all the case. I am continuing to take juices during the days as I am on the road and always eat bad quality food. Juice Revolution has made make day!
    Liezel Sindler

  90. Riané Boshoff (verified owner)

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I felt energized and didn’t get hungry once. Would definitely recommend this!
    Riané Boshoff
    Century City, WC

  91. Fiona

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    A juice cleanse is something I’ve always wanted to do but never done because I assumed it would be a total mission to arrange; buying the ingredients, sourcing recipes, getting a proper juicer etc. With the help of The Juice Revolution it couldn’t be easier, everything is done for you. It’s easy, convenient and the best part healthy. I felt great afterwards. I’ll definitely do another juice cleanse in the future.

  92. Yvette Tiflin

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was very impressed with the service of Juice Revolution. The daily motivational emails was awesome! The juicy spotlight gives all the benefits of the juice and the tips are very good and clearly articulated. Thanks for the support/coaching whilst on my 3 cleanse.
    Well done Fiona!
    Yvette Tiflin

  93. Katrina Kazmierczak

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I have never felt better. I woke up this morning feeling amazing . I slept so well and I feel better than ever. Thank you so much !! I loved it and will definitely do it again. This is the best juice cleanse I have ever done.
    Katrina Kazmierczak

  94. Zakia Mahomed

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I absolutely loved this cleanse. After the initial weakness and headache from the lack of caffeine, I felt a lot lighter both physically and mentally. I enjoyed not having to think about what I was going to eat next because everything was pre-planned and timed to ensure that I got WHAT I needed, WHEN I needed it. A bucket-list item for sure!
    Zakia Mahomed

  95. Grant and Susan Harper

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    We both wanted to do the cleanse to kick-start a bit of weight loss and healthier eating for the summer. The 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse certainly helped a lot. We both lost a few kg’s during the cleanse (and a few since we finished) and we are definitely feeling healthier and are now trying to eat healthier. So all in all it did exactly what we wanted it to do. Thanks for all the motivation in emails and calls -it definitely helps because it is not as easy as we thought.
    Grant and Susan Harper

  96. Edgar Kasenene

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Lost 3.5 kg feel super good…
    Edgar Kasenene (Head of IT & Emerging Business Africa: Ericsson)
    Edenburg, Gauteng

  97. Anneli Peters

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I really enjoyed the program. I wanted to take a break from coffee and I knew this was the only way I would stick to it. I loved it because I never felt hungry and I drank a lot more liquid than I normally do. My digestion improved a lot. I had a massive headache the first night and felt a bit depressed but after that I felt great, light and full of energy. I did miss actually eating food especially at night but the Choc Mylk helped a lot. I wasn’t crazy about the Kaleidoscope, the Star Dust was nice but the Zesty Bestie was the best. I loved knowing I am putting so much nutrients in my body. I will definitely incorporate juicing in my daily routine. The program is set out great and the daily emails helps to motivate you. Thank you Fiona!
    Anneli Peters
    Somerset West

  98. Ellie Hagopian

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was looking to give my digestive system a break after a long year and a bad stomach bug. This was just the thing! The program instructions could not have been simpler. I didn’t feel at all hungry and I was surprised that my energy levels were probably at 90% of normal so I could even keep up with relatively intense exercising on the first 2 days of the cleanse. Afterwards I feel healthier and I have noticed an improvement in my digestion – which is EXACTLY what I was after.
    Eleanor Hagopian
    Somerset West

  99. Fiona

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Great way to start 2019! Helps redefine and understand your food habits and get you away from impulses eating patterns.

  100. Jess Etzel

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Thank you so much for all the supportive emails along the way. What a wonderful experience! I feel fresh and renewed, it was just what I needed! The juices were also delicious, there wasn’t a single one I didn’t enjoy and I never felt hungry at all. The chocolate drink treat at the end of the day was just what I needed to get me through the days knowing I had it to look forward to as it was delicious. I will definitely be replacing 1 meal a day with a juice. First thing I did on day 4 was to go to the shop to stock up on fruits and vegetables for this weeks juices. And just the cherry on top, I also lost 1.5kgs!
    I have already started recommending this detox to friends and family! I will be back for more!
    Jess Etzel
    Amanzimtoti, KZN

  101. Anonymous

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    What a well planned and organized program. I would not have made it without it 😊. I did not get hungry once in the 3 days. Thank you so much . Would recommend anyone to try and will definitely do it again .

  102. Herman Hilde

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    I was a sugar, coffee and fast food addict and have tried several times to be more healthy. But everytime my cravings would overwhelm me and I would cave in. I did the 3 day juice detox as a “reset” for my system. It was tough, but my cravings are gone and now I can continue with a healthy lifestyle.
    Hilde Herman

  103. FionaDominique Garrow

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Easy to use and the juices were delicious.
    Dominique Garrow

  104. Colette de la Rey

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    A professional, compassionate approach with insightful support and motivation to persevere and complete the program. Thank you.
    Colette de la Rey
    Sandhurst, Johannesburg

  105. Mandisa Baleni

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Long lasting results. Felt like my eating habits were reset and the weight I lost remained lost. No discomfort, and really filling!
    Mandisa Baleni

  106. Megan Heath

    Review: 3 Day Super Juice Cleanse
    Felt so much energy and full,never hungry, no heartburn. I lost 5.1kg. Very delicious!
    Megan Heath

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