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Posted by Juice Revolution on Sunday, 24 June 2018

In 2012 my husband and I decided to try juicing as part of a wellness journey we had embarked on. After doing our research, we went shopping for produce, dusted off our centrifugal juicer and tentatively set off on a 7-Day Juice Detox.

The first day went well, but by the second day our juicer ground to a halt! As we were committed to the journey, we went out and purchased an Angel Slow juicer. Fast forward five days, and we emerged feeling amazing – clean, lean, light, energised, with no cravings, and all from raw fruit and vegetable juices.

Knowing how much our friends and family would benefit, we started spreading the juicy word, but soon realised that equipment and time stood between them and the power of raw juice.

And hence Juice Revolution was born. Our passion is sourcing amazing produce, extracting the juice in the gentlest way possible, and making it incredibly easy for you to enjoy. We’ve also devised various cleansing programs, and have over 80 juices in our repertoire. Apart from the best quality juice imaginable, our distinctiveness is in the support we provide for your juice cleanse journey.

If you are going to do something, especially where your health is concerned, I believe you must do it right!

Once you’re lighter and feeling amazing, you’ll be so pleased you did.