Courtnall Skosan July 2015

Courtnall Skosan July 2015

I’m not usually the fruity, veggie or coldpress juice kind of guy, but I must say my perception has changed immensely after my experience with Juice Revolution.

First of all it came packaged very conveniently for me to store in my freezer, and the simple, yet elegant branding caught my attention immediately as it has the information you need on the label to assist you on when to drink it.

The BEET IT juice has a bit of a kick to it and especially after finding out what benefits it has, I didn’t think twice to down it. The same goes for the BEET BOMB. These are the juices that that kept me going on those long and taxing days. Pre-season training is no joke. If you want to BEET your workout, I suggest you try this. See what I did there?

The LIFT IT is probably my favourite tasting juice. I love the taste and sometimes got sad when I took that last sip and thought there was still some left. Haha. This was the one I took to gym, when I knew I was going to hammer my session. It really kept me going and I actually felt like I had a meal after I finished it. Did I mention I loved the taste? Almost had a yoghurty smoothie feel to it aswell. I enjoyed it so much.

Then the RELOADED. It does exactly what the name says. RELOAD/Refuel. I had this one waiting for me in the car or in my locker to refuel my body after a good session. It works like a bomb. It also has a nice taste to it.

Overall I had a very good experience with JUICE REVOLUTION, and amongst all the other benefits it also keeps me regular. It’s easy to carry with you to work, training, or wherever you need to be. It’s easy to follow the instructions (which they provide to you upon delivery to make sure you get the best experience and results possible) and I have to say that I am now a fan of cold press juice and actually understand the benefits of it after having this experience.

Thank you Juice Revolution!

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