Athlete Juice

Athlete Juice

Liquid fuel for optimum performance and recovery

When you exercise, you lose vital minerals and fluids that need replacing as soon as possible. Excessive exercise also creates free radicals which, if left unchecked, create harmful imbalances in the body. 

Our athlete range of juices and smoothies contains the perfect balance of potassium and sodium (for the muscles), are loaded with nitrates (which help to open the blood vessels and supply more oxygen for working out), are bursting with antioxidants (needed for countering any adverse free radical damage), and are designed to remove lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

Exercise also opens a window of opportunity, because while you’re sweating up those dumbbells or running on the treadmill, the body is better able to assimilate the nutrients in the juice.

Endurance Athlete Juice Box 1 – R430 excl. VAT 

This box contains the following 500ml juices:

Beet It x 3

Lift It x 3

Reloaded x 3

Endurance Athlete Juice Box 2 – R430 excl. VAT

This box contains the following 500ml juices:

Go-Go Juice x 3

Roadster x 3

Ignite x 3

Strength Athlete Juice Box – R430 excl. VAT

This box contains the following 500ml juices:

Muscle Memory x 3

Level Up x 3

Toughen Up x 3

Logistics …

  • You will receive your juice blast-frozen and sealed in an insulated container.
  • You can collect from our juice kitchen in Somerset West, or we deliver across South Africa.
  • Your juice will remain frozen for a few hours after you receive it, provided you keep the insulated container sealed.
  • Once you open the container, transfer the juice to your freezer.
  • Take your juice out of the freezer a few hours before you want to drink it, and defrost at room temperature.
  • As we don’t add stabilisers to our juice, it is quite normal for it to separate after defrosting. Just give your juice a good shake and place it in your fridge.